We’re not surprised that you’re asking this question, because it’s one we hear a lot. In fact, it’s a question that comes up so often that we’ve decided to put together an easy to listen to episode on what it means to be black in the construction industry.

The first thing you need to know is that being black in the construction industry isn’t as simple as just being black—it’s about all of your identities coming together at once, and how they affect your experience as a person of color working in this field. For example:

You might have never heard of Affirmative Action before, but if you’re planning on entering into a career in construction, you’ll want to learn all about it! Affirmative Action has been around since 1965 and is designed to help ensure that people from marginalized groups are given equal opportunities for employment and access to benefits like healthcare coverage or retirement plans. On top of all of this amazing stuff, it also means that if there are more qualified candidates than positions available then companies will have to choose from among them based on their qualifications rather than any other factors like race or gender identity!

Another thing you should know about being black in the construction industry is how important it.

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